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Safety Management

Failures & weaknesses of Safety Management and Safety Management Systems are the underlying causes of most accidents.

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High Integrity Systems and Safety Management in Hazardous industries

Book published by Elsevier/IChemE, February 2015

New book

"...easy to read, has plenty of case studies to illustrate the issues being discussed and includes personal experiences. It is this personal element in the book that makes it so accessible. Rating: 4 Stars"-The Chemical Engineer

This book is about the engineering management of hazardous industries, such as oil and gas production, hydrocarbon refining, nuclear power and the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Its scope includes:

  • An overview of design standards and processes for high integrity systems.
  • An overview of safety management processes as applied to hazardous industries.
  • Best practices in design, operations, maintenance and regulation.

ISBN 9780128019962

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High Integrity C&I

Nuclear power stations make the greatest claims for the reliabilities of their C&I systems, and it is important that all reasonable measures are implemented to ensure they are fault-free in operation.

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Case studies

This page contains links to: 

1. Major accident case studies.

2. Case studies of incidents and accidents involving C&I failures.

3. Essays on the history of technology and safety  

4. Some personal incidents and near-misses.

5. Some good links to other websites. 

New information added regularly.

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Publications & Downloads

Contains useful diagrams for reports and training, two published textbooks, and more:-

Engineering Safety Assessment (published 1987)

Elements of Nuclear Power (3rd Edition, published 1989)

pdf Downloads about nuclear power

pdf Downloads about Safety Management and Analysis

pdf Downloads about High Integrity Instrumentation and Control (also known as High Integrity I&C or High Integrity C&I)

New information added regularly.

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northsea_thumbSafety in Engineering is the website of JR (Jim) Thomson , who has more than 35 years experience in high-technology, high-hazard energy industries, in particular nuclear engineering, upstream oil and gas, and refining.

Receiving the Nuclear Institute Pinkerton Prize, Dec 2013

Receiving the Nuclear Institute's Pinkerton
Prize, Dec 2013, from the Institute's President