High Integrity C&I

Jim's experience includes:

  • Formerly British Energy’s Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Manager;
  • Technical lead on a major upgrade project;
  • Design and Development Manager on a major construction project;
  • Carrying out audits for IEC 61508 and IEC 60880 compliance;
  • Chair of two international nuclear C&I Conferences;
  • Former I&C Global Lead for Areva Installed Base.

 Recent publications:

Key threats and issues for high-integrity C&I, Nuclear Future, vol 8, 2012

Common-mode failure in high-integrity C&I systems (Overview)

Nuclear C&I architecture (Overview)

Modern high-integrity C&I for nuclear applications (Nuclear Institute presentation, March 2014)

Qantas 72 incident (presentation 2015)

Lecture notes on high integrity C&I  and software for NPPs (presentation 2015)

The Post Office/Fujitsu Horizon scandal (presentation 2021)

Jim is an independent advisor on the design of high-integrity C&I, and has worked on these issues in the UK, France, Germany, Finland, Russia, Japan, USA, Canada and Brazil.

Some key issues for high-integrity C&I in nuclear power stations
(in no particular order)

  1. International standards and compliance  (both software and hardware)
  2. Lead-free solder/tin whiskers
  3. ISA vs. IPR
  4. IC feature size vs. Equipment life
  5. Backfit/upgrade project risks
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Counterfeit or substandard equipment

(This list was made in 2011, but nothing has changed much, except the lead-free issue